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Gains and Losses of Winning the Lottery

While pondering upon the basic fact of winning something, nothing seems to be at loss. What can be a possible disadvantage of winning something? The answer would be no, nada, nope, nil. But some things are hidden under the thick, blinding sheet of disguise, masking the deep and conclusive circumstances. It reveals the true harming effect when one least expects it, resulting in a traumatic emotional blow that is much more powerful than contemplated. However, winning a lottery does have its own highs and lows. Apparently, the positives outnumber the negatives with a huge margin. The ultimate outcome of winning millions in a lottery would be more or less gratifying to the core, leaving the winner ecstatic and pleased. The possible and common pros and cons are:


1.       Dollars! Millions of dollars hop up in bank account ready to be spent on anything and everything.
2.       Instant confidence is the greatest gift winning instills in one. Having a moment of felicity along with sense of hope is what makes the winner confident enough to try out new things further down the road.
3.       World on fingertips is what describes the feeling after being gifted by a new life. The time span present between desiring something and buying it is only due to time taken to pay which is simply few seconds.


1.       Paranoia comes in handy with the fortune. It is normal human nature to be unreasonably be suspicious and become extra aware of one’s surroundings if the possession is huge.
2.       Pompousness; the prize winner may take a long ride on an ego trip after winning. It is not always a necessary symptom but may be present in many. Beware!
3.       Shameless preloader may become the characteristic of the lottery winner. He\she may become addicted to luxurious life offered by luck and may abandon the habit of struggling for living.

Winning a lottery is a wonderful blessing and opportunity to start improving the life. It provides a second chance at starting over and doing life again. It is upon the person to make it into something useful and profitable or inimical to one’s future.


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