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Should I buy a lottery ticket?

The answer to the question asking whether to buy a lottery ticket is always a yes! ‘Yes’ with great emphasis and a lot of insistence. Buying the direct ticket to one's luck is a must, should always be done not once but multiple times in life. It requires very little in exchange of quite a lot, providing a thrilling and ecstatic experience. Buying a ticket is same as buying a bag of chips, hassle-free and easily available at a remarkably cheap price.
Buying the ticket is metaphorical to testing the luck. Undoubtedly, it requires patience, passiveness and high level energy for praying day and night, not to forget, even during sleep. But it is worth all the weight that keeps pressurising on the shoulders. The positive result which is a product of one’s good fortune is always extra, washing away all the mental anguish the buyer has to bear. The return of millions in trade of few dollars is a very propitious deal. The sudden calming existence of millions in the bank account is enough to make anyone forget the struggle. The smell of money is so powerful that it cures every grim feeling ever experienced by the fortunate winner. Some out of the many possible reasons to take the risk is:
         To sustain the future. Any wise man would invest the easy-earned money in building something that would keep the dollars coming. It would become a never-ending cycle of earning high stash of paper if the lotto money is used sensibly and intelligently.
         To get high on life: life is short, not to mention, very unpredictable. To get a full fledge, exciting taste of life requires the person to become carefree and improvident. Buy that coat, go to the dream vacation, eat the dessert and don’t forget to pay the extra tip to the waiter.

         To be generous: never forget to donate. Give in order to take. That is how the universe works. The more one donates in the path of kindness, the more this world pays back whether in a form of money or pure blessings. Help others to feed your soul, to become noble with greater virtue. It gives back a lot more than the eye can meet. 


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